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With RPort You Can…

  • Efficiently manage your entire IT infrastructure from your browser, command line or REST API
  • Securely log into any Windows or Linux server without a public IP address from your desktop
  • Manage routers, switches, printers or IoT devices from anywhere without a VPN
  • Gain control of all assets from a single dashboard

Secure Remote Login

Login to your Windows or Linux servers via SSH, RDP, VNC, etc. from anywhere without a VPN.

Easy & Efficient Command & Script Execution

Execute commands from the browser. Run scripts and commands concurrently. Store scripts in a library. Create workflows.

Automated Inventory Management

Manage your desktop PCs, servers, routers and IoT devices from a central console. Keep track of other devices such as switches, printers or cameras.

Intuitive & Secure Remote Management and Automation

Organize your assets intuitively? No problem. Security concerns? Nope. Self hosting? Possible.
Suitable for highest security demands? Works for no-cloud businesses, government, hospitals, military.

Remote log-in to any OS behind firewalls

Get instant secure and encrypted remote desktop or SSH access to all your servers without a VPN.

  • No need for expensive third party black-box tools
  • Launch and connect to your favourite RDP, VNC or SSH client or do everything from your browser
  • As secure as a VPN, but lightweight and with zero configuration
  • Reuse all your SSH configurations and key-based authentication.

Intuitive and efficient command execution

Increase efficiency, solve problems faster.

  • Run remote commands directly from your browser
  • On one or more servers - sequentially or concurrently
  • Store, manage and reuse scripts in a library
  • Schedule scripts to run later or periodically
  • Share script-based solutions with team members

Manage any device - ready for IOT

The super-small RPort client runs on almost any device. Use on edge devices where the agent cannot be installed is also supported.

  • Securely access web-based configuration interfaces of routers, switches and IoT devices.
  • Manage IoT devices, home automation or professional building automation where internet access is not available over a cellular network.
  • You can ship your device with RPort pre-installed to provide support or you can manage it out-of-the-box from a dashboard or via the feature-rich RESTful API.

More secure than any other solution

RPort meets the highest security requirements. All communication is AES encrypted using proven SSH tunneling. MID (man in the middle) attacks are prevented by bi-directional trust.

  • Command execution can be restricted
  • Two-factor authentication is enabled by default.
  • No hidden backdoors, we have nothing to hide
  • Source code is released under the MIT Open Source licence using a secure development life cycle.
  • Run your own RPort server and connect an unlimited number of devices for free, your data is stored only on your device

Cloud-based or on-prem self-hosted - it’s your choice

Launch the RPort server with the cloud provider you trust.

  • Get your own instance of an RPort server with your own IP address, you don’t share anything with other customers.
  • Integrate the RPort server seemlessly into your cloud security policy.
  • Your instance is up and running in minutes

Don’t want to run the most critical part of your infrastructure - the control centre - in the cloud?

  • RPort Server can be installed on your own hardware in minutes
  • Minimal requirements, runs on any Linux, no dependencies, user friendly documentation, fast and personal support

Or let us support you with our hosting and support packages

Open source

Install on your hardware or in your preferred cloud.
Community support via our discussion forum.

Free forever

Download for free

Support package

Professional release and stand-by support.
Licence of RPort-Plus included.

Starting at € 50/£ 45 p.m.

See options and prices

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