Remote management has never been easier

Intuitive, easy to use infrastructure management, remote access, script execution, VPN replacement,and so much more, in one easy to use tool.

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Highest security standards.

RPort is a Remote Management (RMM) Software that immediately boosts the efficiency of IT teams and MSPs by giving them the tools to manage all their IT systems – from one simple, intuitive interface, from anywhere.
Wolfgang Schmidt, Owner X-Integrate

With RPort You Can...

Efficiently manage your entire IT infrastructure from your browser, the command line, or via a REST API
Securely log into any Windows or Linux server without a public IP address from your desktop
Manage routers, switches, printers, or IoT devices, from wherever you are without a VPN

Remote Login

Login to your Windows or Linux servers via SSH, RDP, VNC, etc. from anywhere without a VPN.

Command Execution

Execute commands from the browser. Run scripts and commands concurrently. Store scripts in a library. Create workflows.

Device Management

Manage your routers, switches, printers, and IoT devices from a central console. Keep track of all devices.

Intuitive and Affordable

Organize your assets intuitively? No problem. Security concerns? Nope. Self hosting? Possible.

Suitable for highest security demands? Works for no-cloud businesses, government, hospitals, military.

Remote log-in to any OS behind firewalls

Get instant secure and encrypted Remote Desktop or SSH access to all your servers without a VPN.

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    No costly third-party tools like Teamviewer needed
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    Launch and connect your favorite RDP or SSH Client or do everything from the browser
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    As secure as a VPN, but lightweight and with zero configuration
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    Re-use all your SSH configurations and key-based authentications.

Intuitive and efficient command execution

Increase your efficiency, solve problems faster.

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    Execute remote commands directly from the browser
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    On one or many servers - sequentially or concurrently
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    Store, manage and re-use scripts in a library

Manage any device - ready for IOT

By using a small edge device you can manage any device.

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    Remote access web based configuration panels from everywhere
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    Manage IOT devices, home automation or professional building automation where no internet access is available through a mobile network

More secure than any other solution

RPort meets the highest security requirements. All communication is AES encrypted using proven SSH tunneling. MID attacks (man in the middle) are prevented by a bidirectional trust.

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    Command execution can be limited
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    End-to-end encryption: unlike competitors the vendor has no possibility to sniff your data
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    No hidden back-doors, we have nothing to hide
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    The source code is released under the MIT open source license and freely available on Github, a free on-premise version is available
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    Run your own RPort server and connect an unlimited number of devices for free, your data is stored on your device only

Cloud-based or self-hosted - it’s your choice

Fully managed SaaS options available at a competitive price

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    Get your own instance of an RPort server with your own IP address, you don’t share anything with other customers
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    Your instance will be up and running within minutes

You don’t want to run the most critical part of your infrastructure - the control center – on the cloud?

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    The RPort server can be installed within minutes on your own hardware
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    Minimal requirements, runs on any Linux, no dependencies, user-friendly documentation, fast and personal support

Get custom tailored solutions

Get your own white label/custom management portal based on the RPort framework.

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    Efficiently mass manage field devices, e.g. digital signage/billboards, POS terminals, etc.
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    Automate the management of devices via the API
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    Please contact our consultants

You can install RPort on your systems as free open source software. We also offer a readily configured hosted option at the following prices:

Connected devices info
Number of servers you install the rport client on. The client allows remote access (tunnels) and commands execution.
Unlimited 50 200 500
Users info
Number of user accounts you can create, including your own (team size).
Unlimited 5 20 99
Concurrent sessions info
Refers to actively used tunnels or remote logins. The client is usually in stand-by mode and an active session (remote login, SSH, RDP etc.) is only established on demand and terminated on idle.
Unlimited 5 20 50
Proxy sessions info
Any device that has the rport client installed can act as an edge device giving remote access to other devices on the same network. If the rport client establishes a connection to a device or network address other than to itself this is a proxy session. If you want to manage devices where you cannot install the rport client (appliances, IoT devices, routers, switches) you need proxy sessions.
Unlimited 1 10 30


€30 /month

€0.60 /device

€90 /month

€0.45 /device

€180 /month

€0.36 /device

Get more efficient with RPort secure remote access & automation. Set up in minutes.
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