Which operating systems are supported?
The RPort client (needed for the remote access and control) runs on any Windows and any Linux OS including x86, AMD64 and ARM architectures. While the RPort server also runs on any operating system we provide ready-to-go binaries only for Linux AMD64.
Is a public server with a public IP address mandatory?
No. The most common scenario is running the server on a publicly available server so all clients can connect from anywhere. But you can run the server inside a private network also. Using a port forwarding to make the RPort server available on the internet is possible, too.
Do you support two factor authentication?
Yes. At the moment we support sending one-time-tokens by email or Pushover.
Do you support screen sharing?
No. Not yet! Using the remote access gives a new private RDP or SSH session without the option to interact with other users logged in to the system.
Do you have a quick help tool for spontaneous support to desktop users?
No. Not yet! See the answer above. We are working on such a feature.
Do you support IBM AIX?
Yes. You can compile the agent on all supported AIX platforms. Please ask for binaries.