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What licences does rport use?

Open-Source licence

Many parts of RPort and the RPort related components are released under the MIT License . These parts are:

  • rportd (server, backend, API) and rport (client)
  • Tacoscript
  • RPort Pairing Service
  • PRort Server Installer

Closed-source proprietary licence

The below parts are not open-source and free to use with limitations. Refer to the licence agreement for details.

  • RPort User Interface/ Web UI
  • RPort Plus Plugin (licence to be published with the first release)

Why isn’t everything open source? RPort is not developed by volunteers. It’s software with commercial goals. We - the creators of RPort - are convinced that commercial goals and open source are not a contradiction. Large parts of RPort will remain open source, and we have no plans to change this later, once RPort has gained wide acceptance. Monetization will be done through support plans and additional premium features.

As a young project, we need to protect our efforts from copycats trying to make a business out of RPort. That’s why the UI is not open source. We believe that the UI licence is a fair deal. In short: If you do not want to make money by renting, reselling or hosting RPort commercially (SaaS), you can use it for free without any functional limitations.

Can I integrate RPort into my products and offerings?

That depends on your use case. Let’s say you’re an IT service company or a department within a large organisation and only your organisation’s staff uses rport, free use is covered by our EULA although we recommend purchasing a support agreement for production use.If you use RPort for supporting your customers and you charge for your services, a paid license is required.

Sharing access to rport with external staff, such as third party technicians, also doesn’t require a special licence if you don’t charge for the use of rport. As soon as you charge someone for using rport, you need a paid licence.
Please contact sales.

Including RPort in a paid product bundle also requires a paid licence.